Green Venus: turf and padel courts maintenance machine

Green Venus in action on a new padel court: the machine extracts the clogged sand and refurbishes the crushed synthetic threads of turf surface. To restore the ideal granulometry and the player's perfect sliding: just spread the sand on the raised and regenerated synthetic turf with a broom, and the padel court will be like new every day (TOTAL MAINTENANCE TIMING 25 minutes!)

In 2016 Paoloni company received a specific request from a German customer: they wanted to ouse their Venus standard machine to clean and regenerate and make maintenance of a new category of playgrounds in synthetic material that is always more and more required on Tennis clubs: we refer to padel game surfaces. This a sport surface filled with similar clay or sand on synthetic turf. The need was to clean the dirt material filler of the synthetic turf surface without damaging it, regenerate and lift the synthetic grass pressed and damaged by the weight and action of the players, and at the same time extract the old filler from the bottom of the turf to collect it and replace it with some new material. Moreover in case of wet outdoor surfaces they were needing a machine able to clean and brush the padel courts.

The idea was immediately successful: after some tests and experiments on site we created a special drum to be installed on the standard Venus machine using tilting round brushes in very hard nylon air, able of penetrating its rotating action the depth of turf tickness and using the effect of the vertical rotary percussion, it was able to extract the dirty sand or syntetic clay and lift the crushed turf grass air. After a few months of tests and modifications we have not only found the ideal material, brushes and rotor size to be mounted as optional on every Venus sold in the world and already at work in our customer's Tennis Clubs, but we created a version dedicated to this use with a wider and lighter drum, a light and compact machine fiting also in indoor courts and easy to use.
We had an enthusiastic feed back of our German customer, now our partner for Germany, and after the first unit he ordered other 5 units of Venus Turf machine for his personal job as maintenance operator specialized in tennis courts.