Venus Har Tru grinder resurfacing equipment

Paoloni started selling Venus machines in the United States since 2009: in America many clay courts are in HarTru which consists of a hybrid system between synthetic turf and clay. We invite you to search the web for information on the various versions of this kind of sport surfaces alternative to the classic clay red clay.

These systems consist of a layer of synthetic turf filled with a green (or even red syntetic tennis and Bocci clay as the various versions present in the world: Italian Mantoflex Red Classic Evolution, the Red Plus or the Australian Classic Clay).

Venus has a huge advantage in working this type of fields as the layer of clay is much lower than the classic red clay and this involves less effort, less consumption of the blades of the machine and a greater speed of execution of a total tennis court's maintenance.

Venus HarTru is also available for Mantoflex red classic evolution surfaces and Classic Clay tennis courts.

For further information see also the Venus Grinder machine website dedicated to the American market: