RinorollThe automatic motorized compactor roller for clay tennis courts resurfacing

RINOROLL is the machine that completes the maintenance of a clay tennis court after milling the clay with the Venus machine.
In fact the function of Venus is to regenerate the old clay in tennis courts, decompact it to replace it. To shorten lost of playing time for the surface to become ready as quick as possible, it is useful to have an automatic motorized compactor roller such as Rinoroll machine made by Paoloni in Italy which allows you to press the clay in just a few minutes and restart playing: almost immediately available for the tennis players.

Rinoroll is small in size and can also be used in indoor tennis courts thanks to its compact width, but concentrates the weight on a smaller surface compared to the large traditional rollers that are very difficult to move for an operator. Rinoroll enters the access corridors of indoor tennis courts, and thanks to its design and its power it acts perfectly as a roller as the weight of almost 250 kilos works on a surface of 0.4 square meters and its compaction capacity is equivalent to 600 kg per square meter. This makes Rinoroll easy to move from one court to another and easy to handle when changing direction.

We have also equipped the machine with a convenient OPTIONAL (under request) tool that acts as a trolley for movement visible in the following photos and in the video

By studying the evolution of this machine from the first prototypes of 2010, we have created a different system from the single compactor roller, dividing the clay compaction function on 4 small diameter rollers, each equipped with a scraper blade that does not remove earth from the court during passage of the machine. Each roller generates pressure on the surface and determines a level of compaction that adds up to the next, so that each roller performs a different effect for a final perfect result.