Tennis clay court grinding maintenance

Estimated time: 25/30 minutes

Time to restart playing: 20 minutes after maintenance job

Court conditions: clay in good condition, refurbishing only 2 meters before and after the playing line at the end of the field

Quantity of clay present: homogeneous over the whole playground without the need for clay's additions

White stripes: should not be removed

Season: that kind of maintenance is recommended every 25/30 days, but for clubs with intense use even every two weeks. This type of partial refurbishing can be carried out only when necessary (to be evaluated according to the opinion of the courts managers or the request and feedback of players) at any time of the year to always have courts in perfect conditions

clay court conditions: not too wet (if clay is too dry we recommend to make a soft water artificial rain to add humidity half an hour before acting with Venus)

Application: Indoor and Outdoor

Direction line indicator: to run along the white lines without passing over them with the venus blades

Preliminary measures:

- clean the white lines to see them clearly and run along the lines with rod indicator mounted on the right side of Venus (not cross the stripes without lifting the machine!)

- if the lines are disconnected, press and compact them out with a roller

Final operations:

once the two meters before and after the extreme playground limits (end white horizontal lines) have been grinded, a medium weight no gear roller can be suitable to resume the right conditions of a smooth and compact surface. Then we wish pulling the net to spread accumulations of clay

Grinding of a portion of the clay court behind the headland lines (after Venus you can see also Rinoroll Paoloni prototype compact roller at work)