Tennis red clay court maintenance

Estimated time: 1,5/2 hours

Time to restart playing: 2 hours after maintenance

Court conditions: hard surface

Quantity of clay: homogeneous over the whole court surface without the need for additions

White lines: should not be removed

Season: type of maintenance for all mounths of the year

Ground conditions: not too humid (if too dry, had some water by artificial pipe's rain half an hour before using the machine)

Application: Indoor and Outdoor

Direction line indicator: to run along the white lines without passing over them with the venus blades

Preliminary measures:

- drill some zone of the court, 3/4 cm deep holes, in 8 random positions in the playground to check if any stones have emerged or immediatly under the first layer of clay surface

- clean the white lines to see them clearly and run along the stripes with Venus liner indicator on the right side of Venus (not cross the stripes without lifting the machine!)

- if the lines are disconnected, compact them with an heavy roller

Final operations:

add a thin layer of new clay, maybe by hand, and use a cocco net to break up the largest grains of clay (if you make that job in hot summer day, wet the court and let it dry half an hour before plying tennis).

The use of the roller (idle or motorized depending on what you have) is not usually necessary to recompact the clay after ordinary maintenance, it is advisable to let the field "rest" for a couple of hours before playing . In summer, with an open field and a warm and windy temperature, this time can be reduced to an hour. In any case, having a compactor roller availability you can further accelerate the players' entry into the court, as long as the ground is not too wet because otherwise the roller compactor could move the clay not yet well adherent to the ground due to the cohesion effect.

TennisMYSELF: Max Saggia, an Italian maintenance professionist, at work with Venus machine while resurfacing a tennis court