Venus: tennis clay maintenance equipment

Venus represents the smartest and cheapest solution to do a perfect and quick maintenance of a clay tennis court. The Venus special drum, made of 4 independent rotating shafts, each with free offset hardox blades for a total of 104 discs and over 2500 abrasive teeth, reduces the hardest clay into soft regenerated that can be reused. So you won't need to add new clay: it will be enough to evenly spread with Venus the old clay refurbished that will bring volume and new quality.

The material of Venus blades is the same used on the asphalt digger, so the hardest red clay cannot resist to the power of Venus drum. Moreover the Honda engine that pushes Venus drum is so powerfull that Paoloni company (the manufacturer) grants a two-year guarantee on his machine (except of course for the consumable parts).

Venus can be adjusted for every millimeter of depth to perform a regular and effortless milling, once the hardox drum and the engine speed have been adjusted, venus advances by itself (no need to push for the operator) and works the court surface on the desired depth. An advantage in using venus is that the decompacted earth could be reusable (if not too old of course): the clay decompacted by Venus regains volume.

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