Red clay sport surfaces maintenance with excessive layer

When it happens:

It may happen that tennis clay court maintenance operators add the new clay over old top layer, and so it become excessively present on the playground: very hard to manage! This can affect a perfect bounce of the balls or the controlled sliding of the tennis players, to create real bumps where the ankles could collide. In this case Venus helps to decompact the old clay where it is excessive and too pressed.

Estimated time: 1,5/2 hours

Time to restart playing: 2 hours after maintenance

Playground conditions: surface with areas of accumulation of red clay above the ideal flatness of the tennis court surface

Quantity of clay present: excessive and with bad distribution

White stripes: they should not be removed but only consolidated and pressed witha roller compactor if out of position

Season: type of maintenance for all periods of the year (better making it before summer time)

Clay conditions: not too humid (if too dry, humidify half an hour before Venus action with rain of water from the pipe, if already too humid, move the accumulations with a straightedge and wait for it to dry)

Application: Indoor and Outdoor

Direction line indicator: to run along the white lines without passing over them with the venus blades

Preliminary measures:

- if there is an excess of redclay it is possible to see it from overlaps near the white lines which are often even covered by the toplayer clay and disappear or it could be at a lower level than the playingground tennis surface

- clean the white stripes to see them clearly and use Venus by milling along the lines without passing over them: use the blu rod indicator mounted on the right side of Venus as a guide to not cross the stripes with rotor's blades

After a first light milling (maximum act on a depth of 5mm without digging) the grinded surface must be leveled with a straightedge and it is advisable to remove the excess of clay

Final operations:

Pass the horizontal mesh to reconstitute the ideal granulometry of the clay underlayer.

The use of a roller compactor is usually not necessary to recompact the clay after an ordinary and rapid maintenance of this kind, which is only able to restore balance to the flatness of the field. However, it is advisable to let the playground red clay surfaces "rest" for a couple of hours before playing tennis. In summer, with a warm and windy temperature, this time can be reduced to one hour.

Aerial drone view of a complete refurbishing of a tennis clay court in Peru by our distributor for South America