Venus spare parts and maintenance

Venus is a machine that if used correctly and properly, with the necessary precautions, guarantees a long life of the hardox blades which constitute the pulsating core of that equipment for resurfacing tennis clay courts. The 104 trapezoidal tooth blades specially designed to grind properly the top layer of the red clay sport surfaces have to be cleaned after a working session: it is necessary to take off the rotor the humid clay. If it will be drying on the blades it become like a cement and will block the rotor, that become unusefull for the next use.

Paoloni supplies the machine with a special steel brush with handle to facilitate this operation of cleaning and standard blades maintenance: just tip the machine back and place it on the ground on the handles to easily access the rotor and by sliding it on its shaft: just scrape clay away.

If you do this at the end of each day of work with Venus you will avoid being with the blades locked in a single block as in the following photos:

Hardox blades

When the rotor blades are free to turn on themselves and tilt on their own axis and are not tightened by their spacers, and these too are free to rotate eccentrically on their own axis, the Venus will always work at its best and blades will have a round and proper consumption.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: if the simple and rapid periodic cleaning operations are not carried out, the risk is that, during the next use, the blocked blades always hit the same point and then get rid of the hardened earth incorrectly only due to the strong impact of the rotor driven by the powerful Honda engine. In the meantime the blades will have flattened out on one side only, losing their circularity, and with it the balance that makes them turn continuously to have the best milling result and maximum durability. If you continue to work this way, not only the machine will lose its grinding ability, but the blades will damage untill breacking.