Tennis red clay maintenance tools and tip with poor underlayer

Estimated time: 2/3 days hours

Time to restart playing: 24 hours after the end of the maintenance

Conditions of the playground: disastrous and very compromised

Amount of red clay present: from scarce to very scarce

White stripes: must be removed for a total restoration of the tennis court

Direction line indicator: to run along the white lines without passing over them with the venus blades

Preliminary measures:

Make examination of the condition of the entire playing surface to understand how much top layer redclay is present even where it seems sufficient (make some random hole of 2/3 cm depth or more if necessary to understand how much clay top layer needs to be added)

It is advisable to carry out this particular type of maintenance before the hottest season (summer) and in any case wet the existing surface, however scarce, before manually removing the larger gravel coming out of the clay top layer. This operation requires time and dedication but it is necessary in order not to damage the machine's blades, since it is then necessary to use Venus to create the grip points for the new material to cover the existing layer. Adjust the machine to minimum engine speed and minimum depth of action to create such an abrasion that the new and subsequent layers of clay to be added can then cling. Then it is necessary to level the playground by rolling with an compactor roller and remove the white lines. Finally, it is advisable to add enough bags of clay to bring the average clay'slevel of 2/3 centimeters over the whole tennis court (thickness referred to the level before compaction). Make sure that every part with stones emerging from the draining ground or from the surfacing substrate is well covered.

Wet the surface with artificial water rain and let it rest and compact due to the weight of the clay itself after 3/4 hours (in summer preferably with dry and warm air) and use Venus to grind the new clay layer and mix it with the pre-existing one. It may be necessary to mill in two successive phases crossing the lines with Venus along the playground and then from left to right, acting at two different depths of action of the rotor: first depth adjustment n.° 2 on indicatori and then depth n.° 3. Never use the maximum depth that could cause the red clay under layer to emerge again.

Second day: after having allowed the field to rest, increase the thickness of the clay by 10/15 mm if necessary and mill again with Venus to mix the new layer and the clay added the previous day.

Level with a straightedge to restore the level of the playground and pass a roller in two crossed directions, sprinkle with a thin layer of red clay toplayer and distribute it with the rubber net over the entire playing surface.

Sprinkle with water and let it dry naturally without playing for at least 24 hours.