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automatic machine for red clay tennis court resurfacing

Professionalism and passion SINCE1959 in the field of mechanics for
construction and road-building sites

paoloni onelio e figlioSince 1959 Paoloni Onelio & Figlio have been making concrete
sawing machines, vibrating plate compactors and concrete
polisher construction and road yards.

Another branch of the company is specialised in the design and
production of impregnating machine for any kind of wooden
straight profiles as beams, matchboardings as well parquet and
decking. With Venus scarifying equipment they enter a new
world of clay tennis court maintenance. This is a very
innovative resurfacing machine for many point of view: easy
of use, great final tennis clay court maintenance result
with the pride and guarantee of 3 generations

In order to have a tennis court always perfect and ready for the player, the use of a refurbishing
such as Venus is necessary. With a mere 20 minutes you can apply a scarifying
to the surface layer of the court without any effort and dust production. Who tries this
scarifying equipment
for its tennis court, don't let it any more!

Strada di Colli 30, 61100 Pesaro (PU)Tel. ++39 (0)721/391.222
Mobile 335.595.7179 - Fax ++39 (0)721/552.79

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Paoloni Onelio & Son s.n.c. - Strada dei Colli, 30 - 61100 Pesaro - Tel. ++39 (0)721/391.222 - Mobile 335.595.7179 - Fax ++39 (0)721/552.79