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automatic machine for red clay tennis court resurfacing
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Rinoroll is a vibrating roller machine to work on tennis red clay courts maintenance.
The red clay of tennis courts needs a continuous maintenance, that's why Paoloni's company from Italy made a machine called "Venus Terrarossa" built to decompact and refurbish red clay when the court becomes stiff and full of holes.Rinoroll is what you need to recompact and immediately play tennis after you've finished maintenance: Rinoroll make the tennis clay court playable instantly: no more stop of one or 2 days for clay court resurfacing in your club!

Rinoroll is a recompacting machine: equipped with four rollers which vibrate and compact the court's ground, this machine can level red clay banks and mash up ground's lumps. Then, obviously, the ground has to be dampen with water and passed with a manual traction net, but after that, players are instantly able to start playing tennis.


Rinoroll, equipped with an Honda petrol engine, increases is weight and compacting power heightening the engine's power with an adjustable speed crank handle.

The weight of the machine not in gear is 120 kilos, but it can increase until 500 kilos of compacting power per square meter.

Instead, when the engine is turned on the minimum, a clutch keeps working it, but the vibrating roller stops and Rinoroll can be used as a normal compacting roller without engine..

Rinoroll has small dimensions which allow an indoor use: indeed, it has a narrow silhouette and can pass through ballpark's doors and enter inside indoor tennis courts.


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