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automatic machine for red clay tennis court resurfacing
Venus terrarossa can be set up with greatest of ease, using the depth regulator wheel to adjust the level of rotor impact incision in the clay. The operator moves along without effort, keeping the direction guide in a straight line: VENUS moves forward by itself, scarifying the tennis red clay court.

depth adjustment
adjustment of depth and acceleration

Clay Court Maintenance

Paoloni - with 50 years experience of machines for cutting ground surfaces and asphalt - has invented VENUS, the automatic machine for the maintenance of clay tennis court, whose managers without effort, and in just a few minutes, can deal with the maintenance of an entire clay court quickly and efficiently:

players are grateful.

The first resurfacing machine for red clay tennis courts able to scarify the surface layer for quick weekly maintenance, and also to finely grind with a milling process the base layer to a depth that allows the addition of fresh clay and enables special annual maintenance for total tennis clay court refurbishing. Optimal working depth: 15 mm. There is no question that PAOLONI cannot answer to satisfy your curiosity, and if our words, our published videos and pictures don't convince you: Contact us!

venus court maintenance blades
The regulator wheel adjusts the depth and therefore the force of impact of the tilting-rotating blades, which cut into the clay surface layer to a greater or lesser depth. The accelerator lever controls the rotation of the four-shaft rotor: the faster it runs, the more it reduces the clay to powder, while if operated at a lower speed, the clay is broken up into tiny clods.

venus terrarossa video
The blades are easily interchangeable and they hardly wear thanks to the special treatement of the "hardox" steel.

engine cut-off, cover, electric motor

the machine is fitted with a quick-fitting lead-weighted cover to shield the operator from the dirt of the scarified clay, and to spread the built-up excess clay when performing deeper digging operations.

a safety handle prevents errors or problems in the event of an emergency: if the operator removes his hand from the handle grip the engine cuts out, the rotor is blocked and the machine stops moving forward.


manutenzione campi da tennis manutenzione campi da tennis campi tennis manutenzione terra rossa terra rossa campo tennis

Clay maintenance in Tennis in courts is very important.

Courts tennis made with red clay need maintenance: the operator can make
it by hand or with an automatic machine: Venus is the machine that make
clay court maintenance very quicly and easily.

If a club of tennis need to make a fast and perfect clay court maintenance
can use Venus machine.

Venus is a simple equipment to make maintenance in clay tennis courts.

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